Restaurant care is the largest specialist kitchen cleaning company in Queensland, they service restaurants from the Gold Coast to Cairns. Restaurant Care is owned and operated by the passionate, motivated and innovative, Kelly and Dylan Graham.

 75 years ago, in the 1940’s, Kelly’s grandfather became a traveling chimney sweep. At the time, chimney sweeping was the original trade that serviced ducting in kitchens and because of their professional cleaning abilities also provided kitchen cleaning and equipment repair services. This knowledge was passed down to Kelly’s father and uncles/aunties, whom have serviced kitchens Australia wide.

In 2009 after finishing a university business degree, Kelly decided to start a business of her own in partnership with her husband Dylan, known as “Coastal Canopy Cleaning and Chimney Sweeps”. Kelly and Dylan quickly evolved and grew their business into what is now known as “Restaurant Care” and “Master Chimney Sweeps”, through their winning formula of Premium service, Premium customer care and Premium results.

Dylan and Kelly can foresee Restaurant Care becoming one of the premier restaurant cleaning and breakdown services Australia wide. Through developing and expanding partnerships with: 

Restaurants and Restaurant chains.

Aged-care and Healthcare service centres

Resort and Hotel Chains

Educational Service providers

Defence, Mining and Maritime kitchens


Restaurant Care

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