We innovate and we integrate…
We use new methods and new products with old trusted techniques.
We’ve been doing this work for 3 generations and intend to continue strong.

Many modern cleaning companies choose modern day techniques which increase the speed of cleaning for THEM. We combine the best of old trusted with new and innovative techniques to give the best quality and attention-to-detail for YOU.


The extensive list of Services we offer below will….

✓ Relieve the pressure on Chefs and Kitchen Staff

✓  Make your Restaurant’s grand opening a huge success

✓ Help to prevent a fire disaster

✓ Help you to resume serving great food after an equipment malfunction.

✓ Keep the local Health Inspector happy

✓ Make your kitchen a healthier, safer and more pleasant workplace

Plus more benefits that will have your Restaurant feeling cared for.


We’ve cleaned hundreds of HVAC fans and filters, had our heads inside hundreds of hoods and flues, we know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore it is easy for us to recommend source and fit a range of fans and filters that suit your restaurant. We can consult or manage you through your next hood and flue upgrade. If you have trouble with too much heat in kitchen (or other operational issues), we can guide you through the solutions.


Restaurant Care

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